Papas CookersIn our last post, we shared information about the Big Pig Jig with our readers. This nationally recognized event has a special history with the family of Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO – from sponsorships by members of the extended Perry family to participation in the judged barbecue cook-offs. The festival has been known to attract thousands of visitors, along with hundreds of judges and volunteer from across the country.

It was created in 1982 in the nearby small town of Vienna, Georgia. The first event had one goal: to see who could cook the best hog. Twenty teams showed up to take the challenge. Since then, the event has grown in size and activities, incorporating musical acts, a livestock contest, arts and crafts, and even a beauty pageant.

But the most popular feature is probably the barbecue sampling by award-winning grill cookers from around the country. Here’s what Ed Reilly said of this year’s event, in The Smoke Sheet newsletter: “The ‘Taste of the Jig’ gives visitors the opportunity to taste for themselves some of the best barbecue in the South.”

This year was another success, in terms of participation, activities, and enthusiasm. Since the event was cancelled last year because of the pandemic, two years’ worth of excitement was evident at this year’s festival. Over 80 competitive barbecue teams brought their grilling skills to the festival, which was dedicated this year to “The Memory of Lives Lost” and “In Honor of Frontline Heroes.”

One final, important note: Congratulations to Stuart Perry and the extended Perry family for their wins at the Big Pig Jig. Their team, Papa’s Cookers, received first place in chicken and third place for their already renowned sauce. The team was sponsored by Perry Brother’s Oil Company and Gas N’ Go.

In the photo above, “Uncle” Stuart Perry, left, poses with fellow Papa’s Cookers “Little” Will Perry and “Granddaddy” Steve Perry. Other participants included Lance Perry, Michael Bond, and Matthew Mims.

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