Smoking cessationFor many individuals with mental illness, cigarette smoking has long been used as a method of coping with stress. And for individuals with addictions alcohol or drugs, cigarettes are often the last dependency in the struggle for recovery. Given these facts, it comes as no surprise that many peer members and staff at Perry Wellness Center have struggled with their own addiction to cigarettes.

As a wellness program, PWC wishes to promote healthy living habits and a clean environment. Cigarette disposal buckets adorn the center campus, with signs on proper cigarette butt disposal prominently placed.

One anti-smoking peer member at PWC recently decided to take matters into his own hands. Kaylon Holt placed one of the bucket signs on his own shirt and made the rounds of the campus. The human billboard's message proclaims: CIGARETTE BUTTS PLEASE, and directs the reader to place said objects in the disposal bucket.

As Kaylon explains, "I am opposed to cigarette smoking. I wanted to be sure that I showed this sign to everyone who smokes on our campus." While he knows that his sign alone won't lead everyone to throw away their cigarettes, at least they will know where to throw away those pesky butts!

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