Puzzle QueenFor faithful readers of our peer postings, Laurie Slaton is a well-known member of the Perry Wellness Center family. We have shared her hand-crafted items for years, including her striking wall hangings that she hand-loomed. She also excels at needlework, and many of her creations have appeared in Rudy’s Happy Patch Market or been given as gifts to visiting mental health advocates. Several of her works are displayed on walls at the center.

But a favorite challenge for Laurie is completing large jigsaw puzzles. We have shared some of her previous efforts, and the puzzle pictured here is one of her largest undertakings to date. She has been completing puzzles since her enrollment at PWC over eight years ago. She uses free time between groups and other peer activities to complete them.

“I love to put together these puzzles,” Laurie states. “They offer beauty, and I have selected puzzles with more pieces in the last year.”

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry appreciates her efforts, saying, “I like to see Laurie’s creativity, patience, and the completed puzzles. They brighten our center.”

In the photo above, surrounded by completed puzzles and boxes awaiting completion, Laurie Slaton tackles another colorful jigsaw puzzle.

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