MindfulnessWe’re taking a very short break at Perry Wellness Center because of the unusually high COVID numbers locally, but we should be back next week. In the meantime, let’s use this break to take a look at the concept of “mindfulness” and how it can help reduce stress in your everyday life.

In its simplest terms, mindfulness is about being in the moment, tuning out judgements and opinions, and reflecting or meditating on what your senses are telling you; e.g., focusing on the sound of your breathing, the bird songs you normally tune out, or the way your body feels in the moment. You can do mindfulness exercises at any time and for as long or short a period as you choose. Obviously, we can’t be in a 100% mindful state every moment of the day. We must attend to the world around us, including family, work, and other responsibilities.

But taking just a few moments a day to be more mindful has been shown to reduce stress levels, high blood pressure, and even insomnia. The Mayo Clinic, a prominent national health provider and research institute, provides some great information in the article, Mindfulness Exercises: See How Mindfulness Helps You Live in the Moment.  We encourage readers to check out this link to learn more. The article provides information on meditation exercises and other tools for healthy living. If you want to do more of a deep dive, just Google “mindfulness” and follow the rabbit hole!

If part of your plans for the new year included reducing stress or being your best self, see what a little more mindfulness can do.

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