Slaton ValentineFor ten years, Lori Slaton has been a dedicated peer at Perry Wellness Center, offering her gracious smile and creative gifts to others. When Valentine’s Week arrived at the center, she was eager to select a special Valentine’s day basket to present to her family.

Explained PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry, “Lori has made it a point to give her completed puzzles as a gift to others. Her tapestry weavings have also been presented to Mrs. Rosalynn Carter and other representatives for Georgia mental health.”

After selecting the perfect basket at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, Lori said, “I think that basket has something for all of my family. I even see something in the basket that I want!”

Soon the basket will make its short trip to Fort Perry, Georgia, 13 miles above Buena Vista and at the northernmost service line for Perry Wellness Center.

In the photo above, Lori Slaton cradles a bright red Valentine’s basket that she purchased at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. 

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