Georgia Bulldogs PuzzleAs we’ve shared with our readers, peer Laurie Slaton never allows her hands to be idle. From weaving art works on a loom to drawing and knitting, she can be found pursuing a creative leisure activity whenever she takes a break between structured activities at Perry Wellness Center.

Her favorite pastime now is putting together jigsaw puzzles – the larger and more complicated, the better—and framing them for display. Many of her colorful puzzles adorn the walls of the center. PWC staff member and fellow Marion County resident Mulkey McMichael admires Laurie’s perseverance. 

“When not in group, Laurie often sits quietly and completes jigsaw puzzles,” Mulkey says. “I do not have Laurie’s patience, but I champion her patience and skill in completing puzzles.”

Recently, Mulkey purchased what he hoped would be a challenging activity for Laurie – a Georgia Bulldogs puzzle to honor her adopted team. As shown in the photo above, Laurie has already tackled the challenge and is well on her way to victory. Mulkey promises that the completed puzzle will be placed in a prominent location for the many UGA sports fans to enjoy.

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