Amazon FernsAt Perry Wellness Center, the value of friendship is stressed, and appreciation is shown for acts of kindness. Founder and CEO Stuart Perry demonstrated this recently when he honored the opening of a friend’s new business. In downtown Buena Vista, Georgia, Clay Snider has recently opened The Town House, and new restaurant in the historic community. Clay once worked for Stuart, and his effort to create a successful business has Stuart cheering from the sideline.

“Clay worked for me when he was very young,” Stuart says. “I hope he learned some business skills from me! When I learned of his new business venture, I wanted to wish him the best. I have heard nothing but good things about his food and service. I plan to visit in the future to enjoy the food and service.”

In the meantime, Stuart sent a gift of two Amazon ferns as a thank you for his previous assistance and well wishes for his new establishment. 

In the photo above, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market staff clerk Kaitlan Tanner selects two ferns for delivery to The Town House. 

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