During the holiday season, we'll be providing a series of articles and links on avoiding stress and depression during the time of year when many individuals are most vulnerable.  In Part I, we look at recommendations from one of the country's pre-imminent medical providers.  


It’s getting to be that time of year again -- a time for holiday celebrations, gift-giving, family togetherness, and -- oh yes, depression.  Ironically, the Christmas season is the time of year when many people are most at risk for the development of depression or an increase in current mental health problems.

The Mayo Clinic offers ten tips for avoiding depression or becoming over-stressed during the holiday season:


1. Acknowledge your feelings.

2. Reach out.

3. Be realistic.

4. Set aside differences.

5. Stick to a budget.

6. Plan ahead.

7. Learn to say no.

8. Don't abandon healthy habits.

9. Take a breather.

10.Seek professional help if needed.

For details about each of these tips, visit the Mayo Clinic website and learn more!


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