Steve BuchananSteve Buchanan is a man with an appreciation for hard work, fresh tomatoes, and the Buchanan name. Before our readers jump to a logical conclusion, we must point out that Steve Buchanan is not affiliated with Buchanan Farms and its in-demand tomatoes. Recently, he visited Rudy’s Happy Patch Market in search of fresh tomatoes.

“I am proud of the Buchanan name,” Steve says, “Including Jim Buchanan and the tomatoes that he grows. We do have the same last name, but I am not sure of our kinship. We talk often about his tomatoes and his growing trials and successes. I know that the weather has been tough on all farmers, but I know that Jim has planned for his tomato crop for next year.”

He adds, “Jim is a hard worker and a smart man. I am glad that we share the same last name. We both take pride in being a Buchanan.”

Although disappointed to learn that the Buchanan Farms tomatoes were early and sold quickly, Steve was happy to hear that there were a few tomatoes remaining from other vendors.

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