How to I.D. plantsRecently, new Perry Wellness Center peer and market customer Carolyn Baker, offered some advice on using one’s smartphone to identify plants. Staff and plant labels help Rudy’s Happy Patch Market customers with plant prices and identification, as part of customer service. But Carolyn demonstrated how she uses Google and her phone to make quick identifications, when she discovered a unique hanging basket that she wished to identify at the entrance to Happy Patch.

“I am into plants and their colors and identification,” Carolyn explained. “When I discover a plant that I do not recognize, I use my cell phone and go to Google to see the Google Lens icon, adjacent to the Google microphone. I can frame the plant or item in question and photograph it for instant Google identification. I have had my smartphone for a year and am making it a point to learn more. We are never too old to learn something new!”

In the photo above, Carolyn Baker demonstrates how she uses her phone to identify plants. 

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