Teamwork + Competition + Physical Activity

exercise roomTeam sports and competitive exercise are vital parts of the wellness program at Perry Wellness Center. Cooler December weather isn't slowing anyone down! With a weight-loss program weigh-in scheduled for the first week of January, staff and peers are hitting the gym and weight room, as well as participating in outdoor sports, such as volleyball, on mild days.
Competitive and team activities promote wellness in unforeseen ways. As Stuart Perry explains, "Team sports are a great challenge to increase mental-motor skills and positive activity with our peers. We are a team at Perry Wellness Center, a physical activity reinforces teamwork."

A long-time physical education enthusiast, Stuart has familiarized himself with the science of physical activity as a positive influence on mental health. "Researchers continue to discover that physical exercise is a great solution for anxiety and negative mental thoughts," he notes.
In addition to providing a mental health boost, the center's gym allows individuals to work on improving their cardio and muscular health.
As you can see in the photo, some of our members like to get an early start. Having arrived at 6:50 a.m., Tommy Green, left, and Brad Clark hit the treadmills to work on distance running.

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