Kelly Jansen Leaves PWCApproximately 11 years ago, Kelly Jansen joined the leadership of Perry Wellness Center as a recent graduate of South Georgia Technical College. Since he joined the PWC team, Kelly has taken on a variety of roles, from kitchen manager to direct service provider. As he learned more about peers’ issues relative to mental illness and substance abuse recovery, he gained an increased understanding of their needs.

Now his time as an employee comes to an end, as he has recently accepted a position with Southwest Pneumatic of Ellaville, Georgia. Staff and peers are celebrating Kelly’s time with the center and wishing him well on his coming venture.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry speaks with pride of his longtime employee: “Kelly has been good for us for the 11 years he has been here, and I hope he has learned important things that will help him in life. Being certified in Culinary Arts is good, but he has a recipe for doing more than cooking.”

As for his skills with peers, Stuart notes, “Kelly makes a point to personally visit and check on any peer who is not present. He has the addresses memorized of our male peers and will call or visit them to check on their health.”

Stuart adds, “He understands the growing challenges of our center, and he understands my plans to broaden our presence with our Mobile Market. He has offered to come and help as we need him. He is compassionate help. I wish him well at his new job in Ellaville.”

In the photo above, Kelly Jansen receives the first of many accolades, from peer Susan Hull. She states, “There will be more to come for Kelly. He is special, and he has been kind and a fun friend for me.”

Best wishes for a great future, Kelly!

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