2022 Christmas FloatAfter a year of progress and state recognition for program excellence, the peers and staff of Perry Wellness Center have earned a time of celebration. Our seasonal calendar is popping. After enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday, PWC has entered the Christmas season with a full calendar.

It began on December 1, with the annual downtown Americus Christmas parade, at which PWC’s float placed first for the sixth year and also received the prize for best theme interpretation. (Check out our last blog post for more information.) Now we are checking our calendar to keep up with special activitie for the month, including the following:

December 13 – Staff will celebrate at the 1800 Mexican Restaurant in downtown Americus. The gathering will feature a white elephant gift exchange.

December 22 – Peers will celebrate with a Christmas lunch at the center.

December 23 – Peers will enjoy a Christmas brunch and head home early for the holiday weekend.

December 26 – Center will be closed.

December 30 – Peers will celebrate the coming new year with brunch and an early start to the New Year weekend.

January 2 – Center will be closed.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry offers his thoughts on this holiday season: “I hope all peers and staff have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the food and celebration of this glorious holiday. I hope all are safe and return to Perry Wellness Center eager to continue their good work.”

Pictured here is the winning PWC Christmas float highlighting its message, “You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Have a Happily Ever After.”

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