Nakia Graduation Diploma 1 copyPerry Wellness Center is recovery-oriented in its focus. Our staff and peers believe that mental illness can be managed and that individuals can go on to live productive lives. Our vision is that persons with mental illness can maintain wellness through physical fitness, good nutrition, productive involvement in the community, utilizing natural community supports, and participating in activities to improve their quality of life.

Nakia Rhone, a peer who has been active in our program for several years, has recently excelled in one aspect of this belief. Ms. Rhone enrolled in the Automotive Technology program at South Georgia Technical College about two years ago and in May of 2022, she was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. Then on December 8, 2022, she graduated with honors with a diploma in Automotive Technology. 

Ms. Rhone has been working part time at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market for several years, and she is now is seeking employment in a branch of the automotive technology industry. The staff and peers wish her much success in her efforts to continue to improve her quality of life.

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