New PWC SignageMany of the blog posts and photos we post on the Perry Wellness Center’s website are reminders to keep your eyes open as you walk on the many trails or through the outdoor structures and classroom buildings. You will always spot a new creation from Jeff Williams, a fine artist who is also in charge of creative design at PWC.

Today, we direct future guests’ attention to a particularly charming set of scarecrows that hold signs reading, “Plan Smiles… Grow Giggles … Harvest Love and Happy Fall.” The attention to detail is impressive and makes for a colorful exhibit.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry appreciates the display, but watch out, Jeff, because Stuart’s mind is always working. He offers, “I do enjoy Jeff’s creativity and his signage that he places throughout the campus. I like the cleverness of the signs – and it may be time for some new reminder slogans!”

Get out your paintbrushes, Jeff. Sounds like it’s time to get ready for some spring displays.

In the photo above, a display of scarecrows, corn stalks, and pumpkins stands at the south entrance of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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