Drip Water SystemAs readers saw in our last posting from Perry Wellness Center, the beauty of spring has overtaken our greenhouses. With the ever-increasing variety of shrubs, fruit trees, hanging baskets, and other plants arriving at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, more space will be needed. The perfect empty places await them. Covered shed arbors on the north side of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market may look bare now, but their auto-drip watering systems will make them a prime location for spring and summer plants.

PWC founder and director Stuart Perry says, “Our clients and staff make it a point to water plants that are exposed to the sun, and this could be a full-time job. But Jeff Williams designed and erected a line drip system that helps out during the hottest days.”

We look forward to spring and summer’s bounty filling up the space, replacing the sight of watering lines with brightly blooming plants.

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