Repotted Tulip PlantsIn order to continue the cycle of successfully grown plants at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, transplant expert Steve Thompson relies upon repotting of plants seasonally. Steve explains, “We have recently set up two tables in broken sun to allow us to repot plants and keep our cycles of providing the best plant varieties for our customers.

The following instructions are used for repotting of bulb plants:

    • Watch plants carefully; stop watering once foliage begins to turn brown. Wait for the foliage to completely die back. This stage allows foliage to transfer nutrients to the bulb, where it will be stored until the next spring.
    • Remove dead foliage from each pot. 
    • Using gardening gloves, dig out bulbs from the soil. Discard any bulbs that appear shriveled, rotting, or broken.
    • Store remaining bulbs in a dry, cool location until early fall.
    • When ready to replant bulbs, create six-inch deep holes in pots with a trowel or bulb planter. Keep holes about five inches apart. 
    • Place one bulb in each hole, with flat part of bulb resting at the bottom. Fill each hole with additional soil.
    • Water immediately after planting until soil is saturated.

In the photo above, Steve Thompson stands at a table filled with tulip bulbs.

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