Do you know what the #1 New Year's resolution is each year? To lose weight, of course!

Because maintaining a healthy weight is so important to total wellness, we took a look at some nutritionists' tips for healthy dieting. Here are some of our favorites:

• Set reasonable weight loss goals, and break your overall goal into short-term goals that can be more easily achieved. If your goal is too ambitious, you'll become discouraged easily. So break it down into smaller bites (no pun intended).

• Try eating more meals, not less. If you distribute your calories more frequently through the day, you'll avoid serious hunger pangs – which prompt overeating. Smaller, more frequent meals are also more easily digested.

• You've heard it before, but it's worth repeating: don't skip breakfast. Consider it your power meal. It cranks your metabolism up to help burn more calories throughout the day.

• Drink lots of water. It's a healthier alternative to soft drinks, and it will help you feel full. Tip: drink a glass of water 15 – 30 minutes before each meal.

• Combine diet with exercise. Remember that losing weight is a matter of storing less fuel, in the form of calories. You can consume less, or you can burn more fuel.

• Finally, keep it simple. Elaborate diet plans are more quickly abandoned. Smaller portions, fewer fats and sugars – give yourself just a few rules. If you break one, tomorrow IS another day.

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