Market LogoThere are two types of people in the world: those who pay close attention to vehicle signs and logos, and those who say, “What vehicle?” For those who fall into the first category, we thought we’d explain a difference you might notice in some of our vans and trucks out on the road.

Several of our vehicles now carry the wording shown in the photo of a truck door, above, which says: 

Rudy’s Happy Patch Market

Produce * Plants * Flowers and More

Such changes represent an effort for both the “parent” organization, Perry Wellness Center, and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market to have coordinated corporate identification.

PWC creative director Jeff Williams explains, “We do have a different color for the different divisions of Perry Wellness Center. This lighter green look on this newest vehicle purchase might cause confusion. But the logotype is the same, and the only difference is the separation of the parent identity and the publicly known market outlet for customers.”

The Rudy’s Happy Patch Market logo mark will be applied to any vehicle purchased for increased market use. No matter what a vehicle’s use, the state identification marker is included.

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