Ashley LarkinCompleting paperwork is a part of many jobs, and is often considered a thankless task. But at Perry Wellness Center, paperwork involves documentation of client/peer needs, goals, activities, and progress. Such documentation assists peers, staff, and outside evaluators in determining to what extent the treatment plan benefits each individual.

Ashley Larkin has learned much about the value of proper documentation during her time as a certified peer specialist. She explains, “I have been at Perry Wellness Center since June. I like what I see and document with our peer activities. It was good to become a CPS and learn the many activities that can affect the lives of our peer clientele.”

Much of her documentation focuses of work activities of peer clients and staff on campus. When it is time to complete her documentation, Ashley tucks herself into a remote office in a corner of the new classroom building, where the quieter atmosphere helps with her productivity. She averages completing notes on around 11 peers each day.

Thanks for joining us, Ashley Larkin, and for all you do to help us improve lives.

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