Jigsaw PuzzleAs a peer-led wellness and recovery program, Perry Wellness Center promotes teamwork among its members, whether in learning activities or relaxation and fellowship.  Each day is filled with groups, information-sharing sessions, and campus tasks, ranging from garden cultivation to meal preparation.

Throughout each day, break time is also provided for peer members to relax or enjoy entertaining activities.  Two activities in particular have captured the attention of several PWC members:  jigsaw puzzles and knitting!  Such activities are encouraged because they promote eye-hand coordination, provide challenges, and offer opportunities for creativity and teamwork.

Laurie Hildreth is one peer member who has caught the jigsaw puzzle bug.  Each day she arrives early at the center, so that she can start her day at the puzzle table, where she is known for her speed.  Often she is joined there by Daisy Bell, who helps her complete the larger, more intricate puzzles.  Their friendship is forged through partnership at the puzzle table.

Daisy has another hobby that she enjoys at the center.  She is an avid knitter.  Another creative partnership has formed around this interest – with her husband of 38 years, Robert.  Not only do they attend the wellness center together; they spend many hours on creative needlework projects.

And in one more twist, it turns out that Laurie once knitted.  We think it is just a matter of time until the Hildreth-Bell-Bell partnership extends to a major, colorful knitting project.  We can’t wait to see the results!

In the photo, Laurie Hildreth, left, and Daisy Bell work on a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

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