Vica plantEarly this week we told you about our spring planting at Perry Wellness Center. We thought it was also worth noting that not only are we seeding gardens, we are also growing plant cuttings from mature plants, in order to have even more selection in our bedding plants, flower baskets, decorative shrubs, and other market offerings.

George Windham, who has served as a horticultural intern at PWC, is optimistic for the spring season. In his words: "With increased offerings at Happy Patch Market, it is vital for us to offer the best in our decorative plant selection. I have been working to plant cuttings from parent plants and be sure that these larger plants are properly maintained." We believe his dedication, along with that of Manson Markette, landscape designer and horticulturist extraordinaire, promises a colorful spring at the market and on the campus.

In the photo, George hoists a large Vinca plant, also known as the Madagascar Periwinke. It is known to have many medicinal purposes, as well as providing drought-tolerance blooms and foliage.

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