Otis LewisThe relationship between increased physical activity and mental health recovery is well documented.  At Perry Wellness Center, members incorporate physical activity goals into their wellness plans.  Now the planning process includes the Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) program.  This program provides even greater focus upon physical activity, including exercise and sports activities.

Perry Wellness Center is developing even more exercise and sports options for its members.  Helping out in this process is an individual whose face is well known to long-time staff and peer members.  Otis Lewis was a client several years ago at the former Tom Perry Peer Center, before relocating from the Americus area.  Now Otis has returned to the area and is providing peer leadership at the center.

Stuart Perry is excited about Otis’ return.  As he recalls, “Otis was a pleasure.  He was one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen.”  He is particularly pleased because Otis is putting his talents to work in the development of a new weight lifting program.  Along with staff member Noah Cochran, Otis is formatting the new regimen.  Working side by side, Noah and Otis are a true team.  Noah explains:  “Otis does not need my coaching or encouragement.  He needs to be a peer leader in our weight training program.  I need him to challenge me to help me meet my desire to increase my weight lifting.”

WHAM!  Peer involvement, vigorous exercise, and teamwork:  another recipe for success.  Welcome back, Otis!

In the photo, Otis Lewis lifts weights, as Noah Cochran looks on.

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