Willie PryorSpring is literally in bloom at Perry Wellness Center, and the sun-filled greenhouses there are filling up with a variety of newly planted hanging baskets.


Willie Pryor, a project-driven peer at Perry Wellness Center, wastes little time in moving newly planted baskets from the potting shed to the sun-filled greenhouses. With the direction and hands-on assistance of horticulturist and landscaping expert Manson Markette, hanging basket production has increased dramatically this season.


Peers such as the very productive Willie Pryor, pictured here, help with such tasks as moving freshly planted baskets from the potting shed to the newly renovated greenhouses next door to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.


To provide additional display space, a new arbor is also currently under construction adjacent to the market. The arbor will offer a shaded display area to the profusion of colorful blooming baskets.


Come by and check them out at the market!

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