Nathaniel ThomasSometimes one person’s dream can serve as the catalyst for a whole community project. That was the case recently with Nathaniel Thomas, a peer at Perry Wellness Center, who shared his own dream: to be able to improve his reading skills. 

Stuart Perry and others quickly arranged for Nathaniel to meet with staff at Sarah Cobb Elementary School, including principal Barbara Watford and media specialist Fran George. After completing a test to determine his current reading level, he selected several books at his current level to check out an practice reading.

While peer-to-peer mentoring has helped several peer members with their reading, we also realized that involving the community could accelerate the process for many peers who struggle with reading comprehension. So we’ve begun contacting retired educators and other potential volunteers to help us expand our mentoring program.

Nathaniel’s excitement about his own experience spurs us on, as do his recent words: “I want to write Mrs. Obama and seek help for those who want to read. Sometimes, non-readers are forgotten people.” Not here, Nathaniel. Not here.

If you would like to volunteer your time to this project, please give us a call!

In the photo, Barbara Watford, left, Nathaniel Thomas, and Fran George review books prior to check-out.

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