Amanda Perry

We’re all a team at Perry Wellness Center, but when we start talking about all-stars, Amanda Perry is at the top of our list.  If you don’t know Amanda yet – or even if you do, here are ten things you may not know about her:

  1. She’s a graduate of both Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) and Georgia Southwestern State University.  She recently served as a judge for one of her alma maters at the Mr. ABAC Beauty Pageant in Tifton, GA.
  2. Yes, she is one of THOSE Perrys.  Amanda is the daughter of Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry and deputy director Pam Perry.  Amanda has earned her place at the center, however, not because of her last name, but because of simple. hard. Work.
  3. One of Amanda’s main jobs at the center is to monitor progress notes in order to track peer members’ recovery.
  4. In addition to checking progress notes, Amanda is also responsible for providing the final check on all state mandated documentation that is submitted by a total of 11 certified peer specialists and other treatment providers.
  5. Amanda is also responsible for making sure the trains – er, vans, run on time.  She helps coordinate transportation with a contract transport provider the center uses each day.  She must keep up with any changes in the schedule, including any problems with pick-ups.  With clients coming in each day from an eight-county area, she’s a bit of a traffic control officer!
  6. Amanda is a real Pinterest buff and pins the best recipes and craft projects ever.  We try lots of them out at the market.
  7. Her family and her spiritual life are obviously the two most important things to her, and she’s not ashamed to show it.
  8. But she also loves:  animals, shopping, trips to the beach, decorating…
  9. Amanda takes a big interest in total body wellness and believes that its important to treat mental illness and addictive disorders through looking at overall wellness.
  10. Amanda is a beautiful, well-rounded young woman, and we’re very lucky to have her be a part of Perry Wellness Center.  She is someone that both her birth family and her extended PWC family can be truly proud to know.

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