Doug KingAt Perry Wellness Center, we promote the importance of living responsibly in one’s environment.  In recent group discussions at the center, we have often focused on such topics as water conversation.  Our peers know that every living organism needs water to survive.  But they are also developing a greater understanding of the roles of increased population and pollution in making water a scarce commodity in many parts of the world.

At the same time we promote environmental responsibility and water conservation, we have large greenhouses and planting beds full of growing plants that need regular watering.  Growing plants productively and appreciating Mother Nature are also important lessons for our peers.

We’ve found that these two goals are not contradictory, as we are able to teach water conversation principles for proper plant care.  Program director Jackie Teasley notes:  “During the spring and summer, we try to make peer clients increasingly aware of the need to protect our environment. “  But she also stresses the need for adequate watering of plants.

Program horticulturist George Windham includes proper watering techniques in his lessons on plant care.  “Too much water can cause plant rot,” he explains. While the campus’ abundant hanging baskets and other plants need regular watering, staff and peers have learned how to tend to them responsibly.

Doug King is one peer member who has taken these lessons to heart.  “I try to do watering twice a day during the spring and hot summer days,” he says.  But he is careful in his greenhouse duties.  “We must not overwater,” he explains.

In the photo, Doug waters some of the young greenhouse plants.

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