Rosella ReynoldsYou see a lot of talk about exercise and other physical activity on our blog.  That’s because we believe that total mind and body wellness relies on it!


And today is no exception.  In recognition of today’s state and federal tax deadline, we’d like to encourage all our readers to work off any leftover stress with some physical activity.  Take a long walk, hop on an elliptical machine, or shoot a few hoops.  It doesn’t matter so much what you do as that you get at least a few minutes of vigorous physical activity each day.


At the center, we make sure that we have the best exercise equipment available for our peer members, so that they can meet the challenge of keeping fit comfortably and safely.  As Stuart Perry, our founder, reminds us, “Physical activity is a top priority at Perry Wellness Center.”


As you can see in today’s photo, Rosella Reynolds takes him at his word.  Rosella is challenging herself to improve her personal best on a treadmill in our exercise room.  Then it’s time for a visit to the nearby sauna!

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