Yard Crew“Peers helping peers” is a motto at Perry Wellness Center, and a group of staff and peers recently illustrated this point.

Nathaniel “Nate” Bridges has been in the process of making improvements to his yard on his Highway 280 property. After getting a new lawn mower and beginning improvements, Nathaniel realized he needed some assistance with cutting some tree limbs in his front yard.

Yesterday, a Perry Wellness Center crew arrived to help spruce up the property, armed with a trust power saw and some strong backs. Staff member Gerald Shaw, along with peers Tommy Green and Izel Neves, helped Nate prune his property and build up a burn pile.

Nathaniel is delighted. “I All I had to do was voice my need for limb removal, and my peer friends came to my house to get the job done,” Nathaniel explained. “I thank them very much.”

In the photo, from left, Nate, Gerald, Tommy, and Izel work together to clean Nate’s yard.

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