BreakfastTwo important life management skills are money management and healthy nutrition.  At Perry Wellness Center, Culinary Chef Kelly Jansen recently modeled these two skills for peers when he unveiled our new lower-cost, health-conscious breakfast menu.

As we all know, food costs continue to rise.  The culinary staff did a recent analysis of meal preparation costs and determined that a healthy breakfast could be served for as little as $ .42 per person per day!  But our summer breakfast menu is also quite nutritious, and features fresh fruit, toast, eggs, and the all-important coffee – without which both staff and peers would flee the campus!

Chef Kelly notes: “We are finding ways to make subtle changes in our menu to help with weight loss and constructive diet change.”

Information on both costs and nutrition is shared with peers.  As the photo above would indicate, the new menu seems to be a hit all around.

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