CreativityAt Perry Wellness Center, creative expression is part of our overall wellness and recovery program.  Sometimes that expression takes the form of painting, drawing, needlework, music, writing, or graphic design.

A love of fine arts and beauty crosses gender lines, and we're happy to say that the guys at PWC are willing to pick up a knitting needle or paint brush when inspiration strikes.  James Barron is a peer member who appreciates being creative, and this past Monday found him with water color pen in hand.

"I like to be creative as a challenge to other male and female peers," James explained.  This week's water color pen project was something he found to be a "fun and calming" way to start the week.

In the above photo, James, third from left, joins, from left, Javin Baker, Tommy Green, and Irvin Cook, as they tackle the Monday morning creative project.

What do YOU do to express your creative spirit?  If you don't know the answer, find something that you can enjoy, regardless of your gender, age, or natural talents.  Creative expression is good for the soul!

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