Javin BakerA new peer at Perry Wellness Center is bringing a unique creative touch to explaining mental illness. Javin Baker is a talented young artist who also has a story to tell – that of his own recovery.

Soon after arriving at the center, Javin was taken under the wing of Jeff Williams, who is not only a staff member here, but a nationally acclaimed fine artist. Jeff saw the promise in Javin’s creative expression and became his mentor.

“The first time we talked,” Jeff explained, “I was shocked by his determination to produce a booklet with his drawings and writings. I soon became more than a CPS at Perry Wellness Center. I have daily discussions with Javin as he continues production on his first booklet.”

The booklet in question is a detailed compilation of Javin’s drawings and writings, using images of a character who is witness to mental health problems in his life and depicts problem solutions. This innovative project combines creative expression with a concrete approach to solving the problems that peers in recovery must face each day.

Javin is frequently seen throughout the campus, carrying his electronic tablet. PWC founder Stuart Perry, for one, is impressed.

“We look forward to Javin’s first booklet,” Stuart enthused. “We are happy that he is so creative on both paper and his electronic mode.”

In the above photo, Javin takes a moment between group meetings to tackle his latest creative installment on his tablet.

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