Scarecrow 2013Last year, Perry Wellness Center won an award in Americus' first annual scarecrow decoration contest.  This year, the scarecrows are back, and so are we!

For this year's theme, we wanted to emphasize what wellness is all about: having a sense  of well-being at a mental, physical, and spiritual level. As you can see from the above photo, our creative team has worked their magic with a scarecrow exhibit that we think is both lighthearted and profound.

If you believe in our message and think our creative folks rock, then text your support.  Our entry # is 1036  Just text 64812 and type in our entry # -- simple as that.

If you live in the Americus area, we also encourage you to take a leisurely drive around town and check out the other wonderful entries.  We think you'll be impressed at the creativity that abounds in our fair city!



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