Exercise at PWCAt Perry Wellness Center, wellness is literally our middle name. So we focus a great deal of attention on healthy living, including exercise. Lately we’ve been particularly pleased with how the W.H.A.M. (Whole Health Action Management) program is making a difference in our peers.

W.H.A.M. is a wellness planning program endorsed by the state of Georgia, designed to increase awareness of wellness principles and incorporate them into people’s daily lives. One peer who has risen to the challenge is Brandon Davis. He frequently uses our exercise equipment, including our treadmills.

On a recent afternoon, Brandon mounted one of the treadmills and walked for 68 minutes. In the process, he burned 712 calories at an incline of 2.0 and a speed of 4.4 miles per hour.

Counselor and CPS Noah Cochran was impressed: “This is a great time and speed. Brandon has set the bar high for other guys at Perry Wellness Center. He has challenged other peers to begin competitive treadmill exercise.”

In the photo above, peer Tommy Green, left, helps to pace Brandon Davis, right, as he sets the early record for treadmill walking.

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