Brad ClarkDuring some of the recent fall holiday celebrations at Perry Wellness Center, Brad Clark was a quiet port in the storm of laughter, costumes, decorations, and frivolity. He was a part of the celebrations, but he carried his Bible in his hand, even in the downtown parade in which the center participated.

As part of the recovery program at the center, faith studies and discussions of spirituality are not unusual. But Brad represents a particularly steadfast expression of quiet faith.

“I am trying to get right with the Lord,” Brad recently explained. “I want to get to know my Bible better and plan to take time each day to read more.” The twenty-two-year-old father and husband is a member of a Christian church in Montezuma, where he and his pastor have had many intense discussions about Bible study. Brad also noted that his faith had guided him as a husband and parent.

When Brad proudly carried his Bible in the parade, Stuart Perry said, “I am very proud of Brad. Many of our peers celebrated with bright colors and laughter. Brad walked with his Bible, and he shared his desire to increase his faith and use his Bible reading as part of his recovery.”

In the photo above, Brad manages both his morning medication and Bible reading as two critical parts of another day of wellness and discovery.

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