Food gift bagsRecently Perry Wellness Center discovered the generosity of Adventist Community Services of South Georgia. As we previously told you, we were approached several weeks ago by the organization’s co-directors Carolyn and Hew. After some discussion, it was determined that our center would participate in Adventist Community Services’ food donation program.

The non-profit organization provides food donations to a variety of individuals and non-profit groups, such as senior centers, throughout the region. Adventist Community Services provides services to a total of 97 counties in Central and Southwest Georgia.

Our founder, Stuart Perry noted: “I was thrilled with this partnership. Adventist Community Services is a faith-based organization. It fills bags each month with non-perishable foods, but it also blesses these foods with God’s grace and goodness. We appreciate being included in this food ministry.”

After receiving cases of nine different non-perishable food items from the organization, several peers began filling a total of 66 bags with donated food, which will be distributed to all our peers. This act of generosity will make the holiday season better for many!

In the photo, market manager Phyllis Bleckley, left, is joined by peers Chris Lewis, Rhonda Hubbard, Laurie Hildreth, and Grover Thornton, as they fill 66 food bags with non-perishable items.

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