Hildreth at loomNot long ago we told you about the sewing and weaving skills of peer Laurie Hildreth. Because we like to recognize our members’ accomplishments, we’d like to share an update with you today.

For those who haven’t heard about Laurie’s talents, allow us a brief recap: Laurie began knitting and crocheting activities with some of her peers several months ago. She found this activity enjoyable and therapeutic and increased her stitches by the week. A few weeks ago, staff member Jeff Williams built a tabletop loom for Laurie, to help her develop new skills with her yarn craft.

Since that time, Laurie has worked new ways of creating tapestries and other tabletop creations. In her most recent project, Laurie began to add multi-color beads to her design, and the results are lovely.

Jeff, a talented artist himself, explains his interest in Laurie’s work: “It is fun to help peers at Perry Wellness Center who desire to improve their skills. Improving art skills is special to me. Laurie has been a great student and is creating some unique weavings.”

In the photo above, you can get a glimpse of Laurie’s work at the loom, as she works quietly on her latest design.

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