mental wellness monthIn the midst of a gray January cold snap, it may be hard to think about healthy living. But January is national Mental Wellness Month. Created to promote the use of wellness principles by all individuals, regardless of their mental status, the observance day comes at a time when most of us need a gentle reminder. The first flush of new years resolutions has faded, and six or more weeks of winter stretch ahead.

At Perry Wellness Center, our primary areas of emphasis are recovery and wellness, and we think that the first is not possible without the latter. Throughout the year, we promote basic wellness concepts, from healthier eating to daily exercise.

We thought we’d take a look at what some other programs had to say about Mental Wellness Month and found a thought-provoking list of DOs and DON’Ts provided by several organizations, including the Mental Health Cooperative, a treatment consortium based in Nashville, TN. While you can find the full list of mental wellness tips on the organization’s web site, here are a few of our favorites:

    • Avoid negative self-talk – laugh at your mistakes and say, “I’ll remember next time.”
    • View a crisis situation as an opportunity – creative problem solving can expand your options.
    • Don’t use caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, or food for emotional support.
    • Ask for help if you feel overwhelmed.

Total wellness involves both practical ways of taking care of your body and more positive ways of thinking about life, yourself, and others. So this cold January day, perhaps you can think of one positive change to make in your own life, in the spirit of mental wellness.

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