FirewoodWe’ve recently been telling you about a lot of activity at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. We’re trying to make it a year-round destination for our customers. From out-of-season ceramic post sales to a growing supply of winter vegetables and fruits, our market remains a hub for peer opportunities and community outreach.

Our latest venture is freshly cut oak firewood. On a cold day like today, how many of us think back to the potbelly stoves or bonfires of our childhoods? Nothing beats a warm, fragrant fire on a chilly winter day.

Right now we have stacks of seasoned and dried wood available at the market. Our large stacks (approximately 55 pieces) are priced as little as $20. Smaller stacks (approximately 30 pieces) are available for $12. For a smaller or symbolic fire lighting, you can even purchase two pieces of firewood for only $1. We’ll even help customers load larger stacks into their trucks or trailers.

Our peers have been extra busy getting everything ready at the market. Many thanks to them! Pictured here are Awan Smith, Brandon Thomas, Christopher Lewis, and Gerald Smith, as they fill a gondola with a large pile of wood.

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