Hildreth loom workWe’ve told you about the needlework and weaving talents of peer Lori Hildreth before, and we have an update today.

But first to recap: until several months ago, Lori’s main hobby for relaxation at Perry Wellness Center was solving crossword puzzles. While this activity is great for keeping the brain stimulated, Lori also wanted to get on board with the new wave of interest in hands-on creative work at the center. She began to practice crochet and knitting during breaks at the center. Her talent was obvious, and soon staff member and fine artist Jeff Williams helped take her to the next level of textile creativity. He built a tabletop loom for her to use, and the results have been gratifying.

Lori is now at work on her third major tapestry weaving. We will be displaying the progression of her success in these creations by mounting them on walls around the center. In addition to providing an attractive, colorful addition to our building décor, the display will serve as a tribute to the power of creativity and an inspiration to other peers striving for success.

“Weaving is fun for me,” Lori explains. She is always looking for new ways to improve her projects and is now adding beadwork to her intricate pieces.

Lori decided to mount her first creation by the office of center founder Stuart Perry. Some of her future creations may be displayed and sold at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

In the photo above, Lori proudly displays her textile work outside Stuart’s office door.

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