Display boardsAs we have frequently recounted, creative talent abounds in the peers who are a part of Perry Wellness Center. Part of our wellness and recovery activities focus on creative expression, and our peers have not only learned the lessons of being creative – they have taught us a lot about their particular talents.

Some of our clients do needlework and textile creations – knitting, crocheting, weaving. Others show their creativity with the written word, writing diaries or even books. One peer combines his artistic and writing talents in a book he is illustrating himself. Peers have crafted everything from painted canvas bags to birdhouses and produced fine art pieces as well.

We’ve decided that these two- and three-dimensional creations deserve their own display spaces on our campus. Display boards are beginning to house some items, and other mural spaces are planned.

"It is vital that we celebrate the abundance of creative works with our peer family. We want to show off their works and let us all share the pride of their creative efforts," said Jeff Williams, one of our very creative staff members.

Here, Barry Smith and volunteer Vangie Perry change the background display area of an existing board in the classroom of Perry Wellness Center.

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