Pam Perry exercisingEven before the increased attention to total wellness at Perry Wellness Center, Pam Perry has been active in her weight loss, nutrition and her total wellness program. In the first weight loss challenge conducted in the fall of 2013, Pam won the challenge with the highest percentage of weight loss. Yet another weight loss competition is now underway, with over 20 peers and staff enrolled in the incentive. Chalk this up to the success of WHAM!

Perry Wellness Center had been informally practicing components of the WHAM (Whole Health Action Management) program for some time, but recently the program was accepted as an approved peer support activity by the state of Georgia. Now the wellness planning program is in full swing. WHAM is a peer-created program based on a curriculum developed by the national SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions. WHAM is designed to promote whole health self-management and strengthen peers’ role in integrated healthcare delivery.

Stuart Perry, Perry Wellness Center founder, and his wife, Pam, are both actively involved in the new program. "Not only is our peer family becoming aware of healthier mental and physical activities, Stuart and I enjoy our personal involvement. We must lead and protect our own health from the advertising promotion of unhealthy and more fattening foods," said Pam Perry.

Here, in a classroom at Perry Wellness Center, Pam Perry increases her time goal on a treadmill machine. 

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