Winter vegetablesAs our long, cold winter gives away to spring planting and the promise of a colorful and bountiful season, we must pay one last tribute to the joys of a winter garden.

Throughout the winter, our collards, turnips, onions, and other root vegetables and greens have been a staple for our customers at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. They have also helped feed peers and staff in the cafeteria each day and have provided work lessons for many of our peers, who have worked with us on planting, harvesting, and processing the cold-weather produce. (Anyone who has ever washed collard greens knows that processing includes LOTS of washing!) Hands-on instruction is provided in all elements of the process, and the results haven’t failed us yet.

Even as our last winter crops were planted in Hope Park, we were already planning additional garden space for the next round of vegetables. PWC Culinary Director Kelly Jansen is a big fan of the campus’ vegetable garden, regardless of the season: “The peers and I enjoy harvesting these healthy greens and other vegetables for our peer family. Garden to table harvesting is good!”

Last month we caught the above shot of harvesting in our expansive gardens by, standing, Irvin Cook and Tommy Green and, kneeling, Kelly Jansen and Brandon Thomas.

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