Kaylon Holt ink cartridgesWe’ve recently talked about our increased efforts to build a strong mentoring component at Perry Wellness Center. Today we wanted to share more about the story of Kaylon Holt, and how mentoring has made a difference in his life and reached into the community.

Kaylon has the distinction of being part of the first formal mentor/mentee association at the center. For several months, he has been mentored by staff member Mulkey McMichael, who helped spearhead the new program. Previously we described how a shared interest in Marion County high school sports led to Mulkey making arrangements for Kaylon to attend the state high school championships this winter.

More recently, the two have turned their attention to becoming more aware of and proficient in the technical world of 21st century. Kaylon received a new cell phone recently, and since he acquired his new tool, he has been texting up a storm. He frequently sends messages with photos attached to mentor McMichael. Ironically, Mulkey is not normally a fan of texting, but he has had to increase his proficiency to keep up with his young mentee.

“I am not a texter,” Mulkey explained. “I had rather hear a voice than take time to read a shorter message from a friend. Kaylon has been calling me for several weeks, but his recent communication has been texting.” Mulkey ruefully noted that he has had to practice his skills and overcome his natural reluctance in order to better communicate with his young mentee. “Last evening, he sent me a message with an attached photo,” Mulkey continued. “I texted him back and only had two typographical errors!”

Increased awareness of how technical materials can be recycled has also led to a recent partnership between Perry Wellness Center and local Sarah Cobb Elementary School, and now Kaylon is a part of this effort. Several times during the past year, the center has delivered spent ink cartridges to the elementary school. Kaylon recently boxed and delivered used cartridges to principal Barbara Watford, after being selected to represent PWC because of his increased technical activity.

After receiving the delivery, Principal Watford noted, “We appreciate these used cartridges. We can redeem them for many necessary school supplies. Recent deliveries have amounted to some $50 for supply purchases.”

When not serving as an excellent community relations representative or exploring the wonders of communications technology, Kavin is also an avid sportsman and runner, who has won or placed in several local racing competitions. Our thanks to Kaylon for representing our program well!

In the above photo, Kaylon Holt is greeted by principal Barbara Watford as he delivers used ink cartridges to Sarah Cobb Elementary.

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