Chris WheelerRecently, Chris Wheeler joined the Rudy's Happy Patch Market plant production and customer service team. Chris, a 25-year-old student, brings diverse customer service experience and a positive work ethic to Perry Wellness Center.

Taking a break in his college education, Chris is now working six days a week at the center. Phyllis Smith, of the market management team, is excited about Chris' association.

"It is great to have Chris,” enthused Phyllis. “He is excited about his job and brings some history of customer service. I plan to educate Chris about plants and our production procedure at Happy Patch Market."

The young associate has already gained wide acceptance due to his easy manner with peers and staff. Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry has his eye on the young man and appreciates his timely addition to the team.

"I look forward to working and educating Chris to the manner of customer association and plant production,” Stuart said. “We will soon open a new greenhouse, and this expansion will be a great learning site for Chris."

In the photo, Chris, Rhonda, and Cassandra present choice selections from the extensive inventory at Happy Patch Market.

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