Firewood discount2During the winter months of 2013-14, a great deal of oak wood was harvested and turned into firewood. At Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, we certainly did our part in selling and delivering firewood, which came in handy during our unusual arctic blasts.

A few remaining bins of firewood linger in the parking area adjacent to the market. We’re trying to thin out our out-of-season items to make room for our wide selection of spring roses and larger houseplants.

Stuart Perry explains: “We seek to provide almost all vegetables and plants for our customers in Sumter County. Our prices and inventory have been well received. We just need more room, so this seasoned wood will be sold at a discount.”

Normally selling for $25 per 75 pieces, the remaining three bins of firewood are available for only $30. For a small fee, delivery will be provided for area customers. Firewood will still come in handy in a chiminea when the spring nights are cooler-- or store it for next fall.

In the photo, Grover Thornton moves remaining firewood into three bins, as he hopes for a quick delivery.

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