Roses2The day may be overcast – and soon stormy!— but roses are in bloom at Perry Wellness Center. In our Elm Avenue parking lot, a wide variety of roses fill pots as they are readied for sale at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.


Recently we located a dealer for a special and very popular rose, and now they have joined the parade of rose pots filling the lot. “Knock Out” roses are now available in three colors – red, pink, and yellow. The yellow roses are single-petal bloomers, while the red and pink varieties are available in both single and double-petal blossoms. Knock Out roses are well known for their endurance in both hotter and colder temperatures. Low-maintenance as far as roses go, these flowers provide color the year around.

PWC founder Stuart Perry is always on the lookout for local dealers who can provide popular requests from customers. “It is important that we provide what customers want at a good price,” he explains. Not only are a wide variety of these Knock Out roses available, but our pricing appears to be among the lowest in the area, at $14 per two-gallon container.

So if you need a little patch of color in a rainy week, stop by the market and pick up some roses.

In the photo, Connie Rutherford, chief market clerk, checks the rose inventory.

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