Product displayAs anyone who has ever worked in a store knows, keeping the merchandise stocked and well displayed is an important part of ultimately making sales. Rudy’s Happy Patch Market is no different. Six days a week, market preparations take place before any sales. As the gates are unlocked, peers quickly attend to daily routines on campus at and around the market. Everything from the grounds to the display bins are checked and prepared for another market day.

One peer who takes particular pride in his work is Mr. Willie, as he is known by both peers and staff. Each day he opens the market cooler and loads display bins with fresh produce. He checks all fruits and vegetables to make sure they aren’t overripe or damaged, before being satisfied that the market is ready.

Market staff team member Mulkey McMichael appreciates the extra effort:

"Mr. Willie is eager to check and display the growing inventory of fruit and vegetables at Happy Patch Market,” Mulkey notes. “He is also keenly aware of products that may display spoilage and removes these from the displays. I can depend on him for the best of display preparation."

In the photo, Mr. Willie sets out fresh bananas before he begins his morning market check of fruit and vegetable merchandise.

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