RepottingAs the weather continues to warm up, colorful hanging baskets and ferns are filling up the greenhouses and lots on our campus. We’re now in the process of re-potting plants that have outgrown their current pots or dividing and transplanting others. Our display and hanging spaces in our four greenhouses will soon be at capacity.

James Goss, a long-time peer at Perry Wellness Center, serves as a clerk at our market. His duties also include re-potting plants, which makes for busy spring days. James does not allow his partial reliance upon a mobile walker or wheelchair to slow him down, as he greets customers or mans his work station.

To enjoy warmer temperatures, James has found an arbor space near the market, where he greets customers as they arrive. Nearby lie the tools for his re-potting tasks, which include re-potting Verbena and ferns.

James’ dual mission is to share a smile with each customer and to re-pot a greater number of plants each day. Next time you’re at the market, see for yourself!

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