Tennis 2You all know by now how important sports and exercise are at Perry Wellness Center. Physical fitness is a key factor in total mind/body wellness. We’re always looking for new ways in which to engage our peers in vigorous physical activity, because it is healthy, promotes teamwork, and it also reduces stress!

Our latest sports activity is tennis. Tennis is an excellent sport for promoting teamwork (and team spirit) as well as eye-hand coordination. Several months ago, we looked into the use of a tennis court at the Americus High School South Campus. We’re happy to report that, this past week, peers and staff made their way by van to the school campus for their first tennis outing. A few weeks ago, the history and rules of the game of tennis were reviewed with peers. But the real challenge was to practice what they had learned on an actual court. 

Staff member Laura Leigh Bell reported on the success of the initial day on the courts. “This first day was warm, but we were excited for our peers and staff to enjoy serving tennis balls, learning court line markings, and having that first winning ‘ace,’” Laura Leigh explained. “The attitude for learning was great. For some of our peers, good, winning shots were made. We were impressed and are eager to continue these matches.”

Sounds like staff and peers had a ball (pun intended)! The photo above says it all: racquets up; smiles in place.

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